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The Corporate Culture at Modus21 is rare and earnest. Our resources are true consultants who constantly challenge themselves both professionally and personally.

Modus21 leadership understands that the company will not flourish without the best people. For this reason, we are very selective and seek out individuals who are technical experts, willing to question the status quo, enjoy a challenge, and understand that the job is not done until value is delivered. Some careers are all about the work. Ours calls for a deeper contribution. We are specialists. We bring deep expertise to complex problems. Our clients expect more; and that is important and rewarding for us.

At Modus21, we don’t just work together; we run together, we bike together, we celebrate and laugh together, and we succeed together. The bottom line is that we know one another. We take pride in the fact that our team is comprised of exceptional professionals who respect and appreciate each other and the mission of our organization. Our commitment to be the world’s most trusted and sought after consultancy hinges on our staff’s ability to collaborate freely.


Each Modus21 team member understands he or she is a hands-on contributor, and that he or she plays an important role in our success. Our leadership offers tremendous support, empathy, and an open-door policy ensures all team members’ voices are heard and their accomplishments are recognized.

TeaM21 represents the less formal side of the organization that is interested in developing a collaborative and creative environment.

Whether it is a Sunday afternoon baseball game, a harbor cruise, or jump castles in the parking lot, TeaM21 is a critical component of the Modus21 culture. We work hard and sometimes we need to blow off some steam and engage in purely social activities. This is how we get to know each other, learn to trust each other, and engage on a more personal level.


Examples of TeaM21 events include:

  • Community breakfast on Friday’s
  • Bi-annual corporate excursions
  • Habitat for Humanity builds
  • MUSC Comfort Meals
  • Friday afternoon happy hours
  • Monthly colleague luncheons

The most recent addition to the TeaM21 lineup is our ‘Storm the Citadel’ trebuchet team.


We believe that organizations exist to deliver value.

Our mission is to help client organizations identify and generate compelling and measurable value for customers and stakeholders.


Our vision is one of organizations that appropriately deploy technology, metrics driven processes, and business architecture to deliver superior value to external customers and internal stakeholders.

Our staff competencies and collective experience are leveraged by clients to identify and mitigate pain points, organizational friction, inhibitors of value, and ineffective processes. The breadth and depth of expertise of Modus21 resources is our strongest asset.



We say what we do and we do what we say. This is absolute.

We are dedicated to being authentic, honest, and trustworthy.


We do things right the very first time. Earning your trust is paramount and we do it every day.


We deliver value, period. Everything we do is designed to provide value to our clients and stakeholders. Our organization exists for this singular purpose.