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Getting the job done properly requires experience, technical knowledge, and an absolute dedication to the delivery of value.

All systems implementation efforts must consider aspects of People, Process, and Technology. Neglecting any one of the three significantly increases the potential for a troubled implementation. Modus21 has the technology skills, the process focus, and the organizational change expertise to ensure the success of your implementation. Our consulting services range from strategy to design to development to deployment to sustainment. Our consultants are experts in the complete systems engineering and software development lifecycle. Whether you need help with systems integration or software engineering or business intelligence, Modus21 is able to provide the appropriate expertise.


Legacy Modernization
At its core, Legacy Modernization is a risk reduction exercise for most organizations. Evolving mission critical computing systems into contemporary infrastructure and software platforms enables companies to leverage modern technologies and abundant resources. This results in reduced operating costs, greater resource flexibility, and the opportunity to leverage both cloud and mobile computing capabilities. Additionally, by leveraging new technology, legacy systems can now be mined to identify and model exactly what is happening within them without having to perform manual code reviews.
Systems Integration
Modus21 specializes in bringing component subsystems together and ensuring that those subsystems function seamlessly to deliver greater value. Whether you are looking to gain insight to your overall business or just need departmental data, Modus21 can deliver.
Business Intelligence
With new technology and the proliferation of smart everything, organizations have become mired in data. To make intelligent business decisions though, data needs analysis and interpretation to become information that can support decision making. Modus21 has the experience and expertise to transform raw data into meaningful and useful information, thus providing insight and decision support  for our clients around the globe.
Implementation Health Assessment
Most organizations have system implementations that do not live up to expectations and consistently drain resources. Unfortunately, these systems are often mission critical or too expensive to replace. Modus21 can perform an Implementation Health Assessment to identify exactly why these rogue systems continue to fall short of expectations. Our expert consultants will assess the system within the context of the people, process, and technology being utilized to pinpoint problem areas and propose mitigation strategies. Modus21 is often able to alleviate significant organizational pain with relatively simple integration patterns or organizational change practices.
Process Discovery and Simulation
Quality performance and value delivery require consistent process execution. Most organizations, especially technology oriented and knowledge worker based organizations, have considerable difficulty clearly articulating what they do as a process. Modus21 has recognized success performing Process Discovery for all types of organizations within a wide array of industries. Our Process Discovery service results in a BPMN compliant process model and accompanied specification. The BPMN model is then utilized to perform simulation which provides detailed information about how proposed changes will impact future performance. Collectively, these artifacts can then be leveraged as requirements for a future Organizational Change Management initiative or technology systems implementation.
Process Mining
Contemporary organizations often have technology solutions which have been in operation longer than most employees have been working. This results in a situation where institutional knowledge does not understand what, how, and why some technology assets work. Modus21 leverages industry leading process mining tools and techniques to discover the hidden processes inherent in all legacy systems. Utilizing this knowledge, our expert process analysts and engineers can help your organization mitigate the risks associated with legacy systems and resource attrition.
Organizational Change Management
With over ninety percent of U.S.-based multinational companies acknowledging some phase of business model transformation, it’s clear that change has become the new normal for corporations. When you work with Modus21, you can be confident that you have an experienced change management expert to guide you and your organization through changes to your processes, systems or technology.
Product Configuration & Customization
Software configuration and customization has become standard practice. The biggest risk to these efforts is usually a lack of clarity regarding the exact operational requirements and how to appropriately modify the commercial software. This issue is exacerbated by the fact that contemporary organizations actually deploy a system of systems which are integrated to provide mission critical functionality. Modus21 has a proven method of capturing system requirements as process models, simulating performance based upon client direction, and then performing Configuration and Customization services to realize the simulated processes. This results in a highly effective and efficient commercial software deployment project.
Software Development
Most technology implementations require some software development, whether it be a custom user interface, integration code, or business intelligence reports and dashboards. Modus21 has a long history of providing Software Development services to our clients who are trying to efficiently implement commercial technology solutions. We have been engaged to support Business Process Management (BPM), Adaptive Case Management (ACM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Business Intelligence (BI) projects – just to identify a few. Invariably, we try to minimize the utilization of custom code so as to maximize the value of the commercial software and alleviate ongoing maintenance issues. Modus21 clients have come to rely on our expertise when it comes to Software Development services.


Spending time and money to solve the wrong problems does nothing but exacerbate the situation. Make sure you are fixing the right things. Contact us today to discuss how Modus21’s Implementation Services can point you in the right direction.