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What is it?

Business Intelligence (BI) is commonly used to mean many different things. It can encompass static reports, dynamic dashboards, business activity monitoring, ad hoc queries, Online Analytic Processing (OLAP), and big data analytics, to name a few. Ultimately, the purpose of a BI solution is to provide clear and reliable visibility into business data so as to support accurate and timely decisions.

Regardless of the final form, all business intelligence systems are comprised of one or more data repositories, a design environment for the creation of BI components, a processing engine to execute the queries and format the results, and a user interface to provide access and delivery of the final products.

Value Statement

No one likes to make decisions without the right information. Even more frightening is the prospect of making a decision with either incorrect or invalid information. A sound Business Intelligence solution alleviates these issues by providing the correct people access to the correct information at the correct time. Lots of organizations talk about real-time data, but the value of real-time data is very rarely worth the effort. Real-time anything is complex, labor intensive, and very costly. Most organizational decisions are very well supported by data that is hours or perhaps days old. Even better, the cost and maintainability of that data is exponentially more reasonable than data that is near real-time.

The value of Business Intelligence can only be realized if it informs decisions with relevant information at a reasonable expense. Additionally, the relevance of information is contextual by its very nature. In other words, the information a CFO needs is different than what is required by the contact center manager. Neither is less important to the organization as failure in either scenario could be catastrophic. However, it is imperative that each individual is provided appropriate information to facilitate decisions and actions.

Modus21 has designed and implemented BI solutions for governments, Fortune 100 companies, and small to mid-sized firms. Each project provided access to data that was distributed across the enterprise, contextualized based upon the needs of individual users, and delivered timely and in an accessible format. Business Intelligence systems do not have to be complex, but if done improperly they can have dire consequences.

Modus21 Specialties include:

  • Big Data Solutions
  • Business Analytics
  • OLAP
  • Reporting
  • Performance Dashboards
  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
  • Data Warehousing
  • Extract/Transform/Load (ETL)