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Modus21 offers independent technology advisory and consulting services that help companies select, implement and optimize technology the right way.

Our business-driven approach puts the emphasis on measurable business results versus just the technology itself. We actively involve your key business and technical staff in a participative process that focuses resources on the “desired state” and on the roadmap for getting there. Modus21 is vendor-neutral, thus our recommendations are objective and focus solely on what’s best for our client, without regard to any particular system or vendor.

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Agile Coaching
Modus21 has been performing Agile Software Development and Task Management since its inception. Our entire organization thinks, plans, and performs in terms of Agile execution. Due to the remarkable success we have had with our Agile projects, clients have been engaging us to help them implement Agile for almost a decade. Our Agile Coaching technical advisory service is a de facto component of all our projects and clients have recognized significant benefits because of it. Due to our long history of Agile success, many of our clients deploy our team members as Scrum Masters, Proxy Product Owners, or Project Integration Managers within their own development efforts. Contact us today to learn how our certified Agile consultants can ensure the success of your projects.
Infrastructure Assessment
With your entire business counting on it, your IT infrastructure needs to be sound. Modus21 offers infrastructure assessment and planning services that let you rest assured that your business can continue to operate trouble free.
Security Architecture
Systems security is perhaps the most substantial technology concern of our time. How is your organization supposed to provide the services demanded by customers while also ensuring that critical information is not lost, stolen, or misappropriated? Modus21 provides Security Architecture services to ensure that your organization has implemented appropriate security controls to minimize the risk of being the next headline.
Solutions Architecture
The task of solving complex business challenges with technology solutions is common today, but how do you decide what is the best solution for your organization? Our solution architects understand enterprise business functions end-to-end and architect solutions that are efficient for the enterprise as well as single business functions.
Technology / Enterprise Architecture
You’ve changed man…” Often times, a company’s technology solutions and infrastructure have evolved over time, become obsolete or are no longer aligned with the company’s needs. Modus21 works with clients to design a comprehensive roadmap to guide technology investments that can be implemented and integrated in a cost effective and flexible manner.
Tool Evaluation and Selection
Deciding what tools to use is no small task, especially when the wrong decision can cost your business millions in wasted time, effort and lost profits. Modus21 has been and remains vendor agnostic so that there is no outside influence on deciding what tool is best for your business. We work directly with your business stakeholders to develop a needs assessment specific to your business, identify and evaluate the current and available tools and provide you with the expert guidance that you need to make a smart, well-informed decision.
Vendor Analysis
Many methodologies exist to help organizations identify and select the appropriate technology or service provider. Invariably, all of them perform the same primary tasks. Modus21 has distilled the industry leading techniques down to a simple and comprehensive process. Identify the critical requirements, articulate them as a requirements matrix, perform research to find appropriate vendor candidates, invite the candidates to demonstrate capabilities, provide the candidates with a relevant scenario and the generalized requirements, factor the matrix based upon requirement criticality, score each demonstration based upon the matrix, then select the vendor with the highest factored score and the most reasonable price. Contact Modus21 today to help you execute an industry standard Vendor Analysis process which has proven successful time and time again.

Spending time and money to solve the wrong problems does nothing but exacerbate the situation. Make sure you are fixing the right things. Contact us today to discuss how Modus21’s Implementation Services can point you in the right direction.