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Modus21 Managed Services provide clients significant flexibility, performance, and cost reduction.

Our staff is expert at deploying and managing technical solutions within cloud infrastructures. This ensures ready access for your customers, partners, and employees regardless of time zone, geographic location, or variable demand. By leveraging Modus21’s Managed Services, organizations realize the benefits of the cloud while reducing the costs associated with management and administration. Performance standards are guaranteed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs), infrastructure is kept up to date, disaster planning and continuity of operations is provided, and application performance is actively monitored to ensure accessibility and throughput. When deciding if Managed Services are right for your organization, choose a consultancy that understands the pitfalls and complications. Modus21 can help you understand why and if managed services makes sense for your business. We understand the common pain points that can arise from outsourcing your IT.


Regret your outsourcing decision?

What are not always obvious are the unexpected road blocks and disappointments that occur only after you’ve made your decision to outsource. A lack of technical support or understanding should never be the thing that holds you back from achieving your business goals. The right IT consulting company will always be one step ahead, enhancing your organization by offering the most current and comprehensive solutions for your ever-changing technical environment. When it comes to managed services, choosing the right partner will make or break the success of your investment.

Modus21 has been working in the X-as-a-service (XAAS) space since before it was an accepted term. We have leveraged both public and private cloud providers to implement Software-as-a-Service (SAAS), Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS), and Business Process-as-a-Service (BPAAS). Our Managed Services solutions can increase your efficiency while reducing capital costs.
Modus21 clients have recognized significant benefits from the implementation of virtualization technology. Organizations have been able to reduce their dependency on physical servers and redeploy legacy applications to completely virtual environments, either in their own data centers or in the cloud. Modus21 Managed Services has been able to help our clients plan, implement, and manage this virtualization process. Additionally, once deployed to the cloud, Modus21 Managed Services often provides administration and management services.
Cloud Deployment
Modus21 has a long history of leveraging the cloud for both application development and production deployments. We have worked with both government and commercial clients to utilize cloud based infrastructures from numerous providers. Whether you need variable access to development and test servers or you need virtually infinite scalability for your production system, Modus21 Managed Services is able to deliver.

Spending time and money to solve the wrong problems does nothing but exacerbate the situation. Make sure you are fixing the right things. Contact us today to discuss how Modus21’s Implementation Services can point you in the right direction.