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Modus21 is South Carolina’s predominant independent business technology consulting firm and one of the United States’ leading business process consultancies.

We thrive on tackling hard, painful, onerous problems our clients have tried to solve previously.

Some of our best successes have come from solving problems which ‘could not be solved’ and from knowing that there are some problems which should not be solved.

Aligning Technology & Execution to

Business Strategy & Objectives


Many people think of hiring a consultant as an extra expense or a luxury. At Modus21 we always look at your project as a whole and take into account the big financial picture. Looked at in this way, one of the many roles our consultants can play in the project is to assure that money is spent in the most efficient way, and to assure that you come out of the design and construction process with a valuable asset. Our goal is to provide greater value for the same budget amount, than would otherwise have been achieved. How do we approach this? First, it must be recognized that “value” can mean many things – and the meaning is not always limited to its financial aspect. So, our first job is to get to know you well enough to know what is important to you.

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What We Do

Modus21 provides an array of consulting services targeted at specific areas of opportunities. Whether it is a question of business architecture or organizational capability, Modus21’s consulting offerings are designed to identify where and why your organization falls short of its goals and expectations.
Technical Advisory
Modus21 offers independent technology advisory and consulting services that help companies select, implement and optimize technology the right way. Our business-driven approach puts the emphasis on measurable business results versus just the technology itself.
Modus21 has the technology skills, the process focus, and the organizational change expertise to ensure the success of your implementation. Our consulting services range from strategy to design to development to deployment to sustainment. Our consultants are experts in the complete systems engineering and software development lifecycle. Whether you need help with systems integration or software engineering or business intelligence, Modus21 is able to provide the appropriate expertise.
Managed Services
When deciding if Managed Services are right for your organization, choose a consultancy that understands the pitfalls and complications. Modus21 can help you understand why and if managed services makes sense for your business. We understand the common pain points that can arise from outsourcing your IT.

Work Process

We are problem solvers, puzzle workers, and system builders. We are business architects, systems analysts, systems engineers, and software developers.