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There is no singular solution applicable to all business challenges. For this reason, Modus21 provides an array of consulting services targeted at specific areas of opportunity.

Whether it is a question of business architecture or organizational capability, Modus21’s consulting offerings are designed to identify where and why your organization falls short of its goals and expectations. Proper utilization of Modus21’s consulting expertise will enable your organization to focus its attention on areas with maximum benefit. Many clients realize they have trouble achieving their expectations but they do not recognize the root causes of those issues. This is exactly the scenario in which Modus21’s Consulting Services are executed and prove invaluable.

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Business Process Management
If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.” – W. Edwards Deming.  Modus21 has helped dozens of organizations build and re-engineer business process systems in order to streamline and improve operational performance. With a decade of experience, we are the experts you need.
Business Case Evaluation
Establishing a means to measure and improve an organization’s ability to execute strategic goals can be a daunting task. Developing a business case should be straightforward and intuitive, but it can also be complicated by external factors and multiple dimensions. Modus21 has the expertise to help your organization generate and evaluate business cases that support strategic goals..
Capability Modeling & Design
Core capabilities are the key functions in delivering an organization’s unique value proposition to the market. Modus21 works with clients to define the targeted business outcomes and design requirements for core capabilities. These requirements then provide the key inputs to process, organization and technology architectures.
Organizational Design & Role Definition
Companies utilize a wide range of organizational models depending on their unique capabilities. Modus21 works with clients to identify the appropriate structure based on business priorities and core capability requirements as well as identifying key roles and competencies required to support organization needs.
Process Analysis & Prioritization
Defining and designing end-to-end business processes that have clear ownership and are aligned to target business outcomes are important pieces of any organization’s success. Modus21 leverages its extensive process analysis, design, and integration experience to assist clients with developing a process roadmap that is aligned with organizational objectives.

Spending time and money to solve the wrong problems does nothing but exacerbate the situation. Make sure you are fixing the right things. Contact us today to discuss how Modus21’s Implementation Services can point you in the right direction.