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What is it?

Business Architecture (BA) is a methodology for representing an organization’s business and operating models in a way that facilitates analysis, supports organizational change, and enables the alignment an organization’s business and operating models with desired goals and objectives.

Value Statement

Business Architecture substantially increases understanding of an organization’s operations by:

  • Illustrating relationships between organizational entities
  • Decomposing operations into competencies, resources, and capabilities
  • Demonstrating the distribution of capabilities throughout an organization
  • Visualizing competency gaps, redundancies, resource allocation, and costs
  • Illustrating how work flows through an organization
  • Demonstrating the actual value generation process of an organization

Using BA enables organizations to perform realistic change impact analyses to identify risks which may occur due to proposed organizational changes. BA maps and models provide a clear view of the current organization and potential future state of the organization from operational, strategic, and external standpoints. Business Architecture enables an organization to measure the institutionalization of change and provides clarity regarding the order in which the change should be made.

Modus21 has been helping businesses improve their visibility and control of business processes since 2004. We have helped some of the largest organizations in the world implement, accelerate, and automate execution while optimizing operations. The results of these efforts have been demonstrated with business intelligence, reporting, and dashboarding capabilities that provide substantially enhanced visibility into daily execution and enable intelligent decision making with metric focused analytics.

Modus21 Specialties include:

  • Organization Models
  • Activity Models
  • Operational Models
  • Capability Maps
  • Value Streams
  • Value Chain Models
  • Process Decomposition Models
  • Supply Chain Models
  • Business Domain Maps
  • Information Maps
  • Risk / Impact Analysis