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What is it?

Picking the right software and infrastructure is critical to a successful software engineering project. Picking the right people to deliver is even more critical. It is not just about technologists, you need people who understand business and value creation.

Value Statement

A successful software implementation delivers value to the customer from the first release. At Modus21, we do this first and foremost by incorporating the customer into the software engineering process. Secondly we build quality into the solution from the beginning with such practices as test-driven development, continuous integration and acceptance testing. These practices allow us to respond quickly and confidently to changes in priority and the customer’s business needs. Our objective is to bring the solution to a release quickly so that it can be placed into the end users’ hands and give them the tools that they need to get their job done.

Modus21 Specialties include:

      • BPMS/ACM implementations
      • BI Data Mart/Data Visualization implementations
      • Web application/mobile implementations

At Modus21, our approach to software engineering borrows heavily from XP, Agile Scrum and Lean software development. This approach includes such techniques as:

    • test-driven development
    • continuous integration
    • refactoring
    • emergent design
    • acceptance testing
    • cross-functional teams
    • prioritized backlog
    • time-boxing
    • retrospectives
    • elimination of waste
    • fast iterations
    • team empowerment
    • client inclusion
    • Systems monitoring
    • infrastructure automation
    • deployment pipelines