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Most consultancies do not publish their rates because they consider it confidential and proprietary data. While this may be true, it also eliminates the potential for open and honest dialogue with clients. Modus21 recognizes that project success is dependent upon a shared vision which can only be achieved if everyone is honest and forthright.

Many organizations get hung up over project costs and forget to calculate the cost of doing nothing. Mission critical business problems do not solve themselves and they are not something which should be entrusted to the lowest cost vendor. High quality consulting services come at a reasonable market rate. Modus21 consistently delivers industry leading quality at below market costs. We do this by having superior consultants, higher performance standards, and a non-negotiable commitment to excellence.


Our commercial rates are provided so that we can have an honest dialogue with no surprises. While Modus21 rarely loses business due to price, it is important that our clients recognize the value of our services. Quality is not cheap… but doing it right the first time is substantially less expensive than the alternative.

Modus21 has proven this time after time.

      • Principal Process/Systems¬†Analyst $240.00
        Senior Process/Systems Analyst $210.00
        Process/Systems Analyst V $180.00
        Process/Systems Analyst IV $150.00
        Process/Systems Analyst III $127.50
        Process/Systems Analyst II $112.50
        Process/Systems Analyst I $90.00
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    • Principal Systems Architect $240.00
      Senior Systems Architect $210.00
      Architect $180.00
      Senior Software Systems Engineer $210.00
      Software Systems Engineer V $180.00
      Software Systems Engineer IV $150.00
      Software Systems Engineer III $127.50
      Software Systems Engineer II $112.50
      Software Systems Engineer I $97.50
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