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Modus21 believes in supporting government at all levels of the Defense and Civilian sectors. Our methodology of aligning mission and IT processes and architectures ensures our clients aren’t letting their software run their mission – their mission runs their IT architecture. Our process (“Modus” in Latin) is to model all existing mission, business, and IT processes in BMPN 2.0, and with our clients beside us, we evaluate the “why” of every step. We eliminate valueless processes, and enhance the value in what’s left, arriving at a perfectly aligned process model. We help our Government partners arrive at the most cost-effective and functional solutions, implement them, and train them to be the sustainers, rather than seeking long, protracted, and costly sustainment contracts. We come in, do what we do, and go. As a result, over 80% of our Government business is return business.



We have been engaged in highly successful process improvement projects for multiple federal, state and local agencies and the Department of Defense since 2005. We have designed and implemented key large and midsize BPM and SOA projects for the Air Force, Marine Corps, SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic, Navy, Army, Veterans Affairs, Department of Justice, Transportation Safety Administration, and the State of South Carolina. These projects involved in-depth process automation, BPMS implementation and customization, governance, service oriented architecture and overall process improvement.


Our combination of technology and expertise has proven highly successful in helping organizations improve internal information and metrics gathering and dashboarding, process automation, streamlining processes, launching new expansion initiatives, and complying with mandates and regulations while continuing to use as many existing processes and systems as possible. Modus21’s BPM approach offers many clear advantages, such as the ability to improve and re-engineer the processes that are required to meet regulatory requirements, and improve organizational efficiency. Superior quality delivery and service save our clients’ money, increase revenues, reduces risk, and greatly increases efficiency.


Ensuring the best services reach the warfighter and veteran alike, and contributing to national security is of the utmost importance to defense-picModus21 and our staff. Modus21 has supported the DoD and its agencies in multiple areas across a wide spectrum of projects. We have supported program management, Agile software development, process modeling and analysis, systems engineering, service oriented architecture, process governance, cyber security, centers of excellence, data interoperability and consulting.
Modus21 has been highly successful in this sector due to our exceptional performance and execution. The amount of repeat business we receive is a testament to our methodology, and having carefully staffed projects with experienced, expert engineers and analysts. We also place importance on working only on projects that fit our competencies and talents. We don’t believe, as a defense contractor, that “one size fits all” – we believe in doing only what we do best – and excelling at it.

Partners and Clients:




  • Department of Defense
  • U.S. Navy
  • U.S. Air Force
  • U.S. Army
  • NIWC Systems Center Charleston


SeaPort NxG Prime N00178-19-D-8135

SeaPort-e Prime N00178-11-D-6621

GSA Schedule 70 GS-35F-250DA



  • IWRP
  • C5

NIWC Subcontract tasks:

  • N65236‐18‐D‐8003 (MBAS) / Atlas Executive
  • N6523619D8024 (Fleet C4I and Readiness Support) / Chugach
  • N6523620F3012 CommIT
  • N65236-19-F0833 Geocent
  • N0017819D8183 NexGen

Other Subcontracts:



  • SB, 8(a) (TIAG)


  • VA118-16-D-1011 (TIAG)
  • VA118-16-D-1001 (BITS)


Public agencies are faced with the need to update and modify theircivilian-pic procedures and processes to comply with regulatory issues, constantly changing priorities, increasing percentage of resources near retirement, and changing departmental needs. Such a dynamic atmosphere calls for an innovative approach to management. Modus21 has provided innovative solutions for the Department of Justice, General Services Administration, and Department of Homeland Security in areas such as human resource management, process improvement, benefits and claims management, and technology evaluation.


SeaPort-e is the U.S. Navy’s contract vehicle for providing support services to facilitate performance-based service acquisition. The Multi-Award Contract (MAC) includes R&D support, system engineering and process engineering support, modeling, software engineering, configuration management, quality assurance, information assurance, test and evaluation and various other support for the Naval Sea Systems Command, Naval Air Systems Command, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, Naval Supply Systems Command, Military Sealift Command, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Strategic Systems Programs and the Marine Corps.

Modus21 is a SeaPort-e prime contractor authorized to bid on Task Orders issued within geographic Zones 1-4 and 6.

Team Members:
Anginn Consulting
Scientific Research Corporation
Life Cycle Engineering

Task Orders:
No new Task Orders.

Team Modus21 provides a range of services in diverse and specialized environments that exist within the Navy. Modus21 has partnered with Scientific Research Corporation and Life Cycle Engineering, both large businesses with advanced engineering services and technical services with offices across the U.S. We also have partnered with Anginn Consulting, a talented SDVOSB business operating out of the National Capital Region.  Our Team provides the Navy with an outstanding source for solutions.  This comes not only from our expertise and individual capabilities, but from shared similarities in culture.  The three companies comprising Team Modus21 focus on providing technical solutions and are well respected for their agility, adaptability, and innovation.

Quality Assurance Program:
Modus21 is constantly evaluating our performance to improve efficiency, deliver metric-based results and implement best practices for our client’s benefit.  Our Quality Assurance Program is one of our many time-tested, repeatable processes that encompass a disciplined system of planning, budgeting, reviewing, testing, inspecting, auditing, and reporting on quality throughout the life of the project.  Our Quality Assurance procedures are an integral part of our technical approach to every delivery order, and they will apply equally to all members of our project team.

General Inquiries and Customer Satisfaction Point of Contact:
Shannon Laughlin
Consultant – Federal Program Manager
Modus21, LLC



General Services Administration (GSA) Contract Vehicles provide professional services to federal government agencies, as well as state and local government agencies under certain conditions. GSA has reviewed the qualifications of contractors based on performance and has determined that the rates are fair and reasonable. These contracts generally provide a broader array of services than their agency ID/IQ counterparts and many have no counterparts. They are open to all federal agencies and streamline the ordering process to reduce the time from initial contact to commencement of work.

Contract Number: GS-35F-250DA
Contract Period: March 31, 2016 through March 30, 2021


Special Item No. 132-51 Information Technology (IT) Professional Services

FPDS Code D301                IT Facility Operation and Maintenance

FPDS Code D302                IT Systems Development Services 

FPDS Code D306                IT Systems Analysis Services

FPDS Code D307                Automated Information Systems Design and Integration Services

FPDS Code D308                Programming Services

FPDS Code D310                IT Backup and Security Services

FPDS Code D311                IT Data Conversion Services

FPDS Code D316                IT Network Management Services

FPDS Code D317                Creation/Retrieval of IT Related Automated News Services, Data Services, or Other Information Services

FPDS Code D399               Other Information Technology Services, Not Elsewhere Classified 

Online access to contract ordering information, terms and conditions, up-to-date pricing, and the option to create an electronic delivery order are available through GSA Advantage!, a menu-driven database system. Our price list and contractor information are also located on the GSA Advantage site.

For more information on ordering from Federal Supply Schedules, go to the GSA Schedules home page at: