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Modus21’s white paper featuring information and options available for Legacy Metastorm systems.MBPM Table

This white paper presents the upgrade and migration options available to organizations running a legacy version of Metastorm e-Work, Metastorm BPM, or OpenText MBPM installed within their IT infrastructures.

Global Logistics Leader Puts an End to the Paper Chase…

OpenText’s Case Study featuring Modus21’s implementation. Logistics Quote

INDUSTRY: Logistics

CUSTOMER: Global logistics provider

PARTNER: Modus21


  • Inefficient and outdated invoice processing system.
  • Costly delays in resolving invoice issues due to lack of visibility into the invoice process.



  • Full visibility into invoice processing permits speedy resolution of issues
  • Transparency allows for improvements to invoice processing
  • Reduced time spent on tax issues and significant reduction in tax liability

Learn why Modus21 implemented a paperless invoice tracking system for the world’s largest logistics company operating around the world, particularly in sea and air mail.

Veterans Education Claims Process

Modus21’s Case Study featuring process management and analysis solution that dramatically improved Veterans benefits performance.

InComm -The leader in prepaid and payment solutions

This case study reveals how InComm, an innovation and market leader in payment technologies and solutions, addressed scalability challenges via implementing an iBPMS. To put InComm’s growth in perspective, they have grown from a garage-based company to one with an international footprint in just over twenty years. InComm has more than 450,000 points of distribution, 500 brand partners and 1,800 employees globally. To support an acceleration in growth, due to an explosion in the pre-paid gift card market, InComm needed to improve operational efficiency through better information management tools and automation; effectively eliminating their dependence on labor intensive, error prone manual processes.

A primer on Business Architecture.

The evolution of Business Architecture introduces questions regarding what BA actually is, what it does, and Business Architecturewhere it should formally (and finally) reside within an organizational structure. These questions are understandable and relevant as Business Architecture is still a new capability which exists in the space between business operations and information technology that comprise most contemporary enterprises. This white paper provides relevant information and context regarding Business Architecture; what it is, what businesses should expect, and how it should be implemented. Read Modus21’s case study on the application of Agile software development techniques to the Information Assurance team of a large, federal, software development project.

Veterans Benefits Management System (VBMS)

The Veterans Benefits Management System (VBMS) initiative is the cornerstone of VA’s technology transformation strategy. The purpose of VBMS is to develop and implement a comprehensive solution that integrates a 21st-century web-based, paperless processing solution complemented by improved business processes.

Read Modus21’s case study on the application of Agile software development techniques to the Information Assurance team of a large, federal, software development project.

Kenco Case Study

Kenco improves Stryker’s end customers’ service through greater visibility into incidents withinKenco results the order to cash process.

Learn how Modus21 deployed a Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) to provide visibility into incidents within the order to cash process and reduce manual data entry.

M21 Labs is where you can find Modus21’s custom developed software solutions for accelerating your BPM migration as well as other custom developed tools we offer.

M21 Labs is the R&D component of Modus21. Fotolia_63162437_S This is where we flex our analytical, design, and development muscles to produce solutions and utilities that help our clients solve complex problems.

Below is a list of artifacts that M21 Labs has produced.

  • Appeals Processing Reference Model
  • Appeals Processing Reference Implementation
  • Legal Case Management Reference Implementation
  • Metastorm Migration Utility
  • AgileBPMN Utility
  • COBOL to BPMN Utility

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