M21 Quality Program

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Modus21 is committed to the creation and delivery of value. We constantly strive to identify and provide those things that are of value to our clients. The specific artifacts valued by clients depends upon the individual project and services provided. However, Modus21 has implemented a quality program that ensures the delivery of quality and value for every engagement.


All projects are executed with significant client involvement and complete transparency. Our experience has identified that the single most reliable predictor of project success is client engagement. To that end, every project is executed according to industry-standard project management techniques but we augment those with rigorous activities designed to ensure quality and value delivery.


Modus21’s Quality Program consists of the following:

  • Regular Project Management Reviews
  • Weekly Client Check-Ins
  • Weekly Project Status Quad-Chart
  • Utilization of Deliverable Templates
  • Regular Client Feedback and Survey Requests
  • Rigorous Technical Oversight via Reviews and Senior Staff Involvement
  • Direct Client Access to Modus21 CEO